Programs - we limit the # we sell, in order to provide
excellent member support.  We will have more programs
available for sale starting Saturday 7/29/2017.  Thanks!


National Surplus Funds -
This allows you to either work as a researcher, or on your own, retrieving surplus funds aka overages
from tax and mortgage foreclosures/auctions.  As a researcher, you can earn 8% of gross retrieval.  On
your own, you can frequently earn 40% or more.  As a researcher, we will take files from all States except
OR, WA, and FL(we have a separate Florida program sold 1-2 time/year).  *KEEP IN MIND that this is an
online, from home program, so you can work the other 47 States from home, online.  For more info, please
click on and download the 'insider's guide', at the top of this page.  AVAILABLE SATURDAY

National Deed Flip -
This teaches you how to purchase property going to tax sale/auction.  You can work it Nationally, from
home, online, on your own or as a researcher for us.  You can easily double your money on your own, and
we pay 15% of net profit to researchers.  You can work this online, from home, in all but Florida (we have
a separate Florida system that we sell once or twice a year).  For more info, please
click on and download the 'insider's guide', at the top of this page.  AVAILABLE SATURDAY

Ultimate Bundle - $1997 ($6,000 value!) - 2 LEFT
**We can  break this up and invoice you
via email for whatever amounts you need
on each card.  CLICK HERE!!

Includes: National Deed Flip, National Surplus Funds,
Ultimate Finder, BK Goldmine, Elite/Inner Circle
membership, Hybrid, Zero Competition Auctions,
Florida Remote- overages(only offered 1-2 times year),
Florida deed flip (only offered 1-2 times year),
Listing Master, membership
Frictionless Judgment Recovery



We often get folks who 'just missed' the sale.  There are no

excuses and no rainchecks.  Also, please read terms and

conditions at

We will not refund for any reason.  The programs work, and

you get instant access - except in ultimate bundle which requires us

to send multiple emails.  The initial content is in pdf format, with

link to resources page and video training.