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The E-books are Copyrighted©. Once purchased, you have the info for personal use, NOT to share, re-sell, or disseminate.  If you have difficulty opening/saving the ebook, contact us.  WE WILL EMAIL YOUR EBOOK within an hour, if purchased between 8AM and 10PM.  YOU AGREE THAT IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THE EBOOK WITHIN 12 HRS YOU WILL CONTACT US AND ALLOW US 2 BUS. DAYS TO RECTIFY THE ISSUE, FROM THE TIME YOU ALERT US. 


For the traditional surplus funds & estates ebook: If your county does not have any of: surplus funds, unclaimed monies, excess proceeds, etc - simply have a court official sign our form and we'll refund.  Also, if your state has regulation that would make it impossible to use our systems, send in the statute and we will refund your money.  *We are not finders, so finder regulations do not apply.  We will send forms upon request.  The system is bulletproof.  However, we put the guarantee in so everyone is covered against future laws (which won't apply to us!).  For hybrid: you can do this from home outside of your area because you do not have to go to the courthouse, so no, we will not refund because you have difficulty getting a list in a county, when there are 3200 counties out there & 2-4 lists per county. 

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