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TERMS OF SALE: We often get folks who 'just missed' the sale.  There are no excuses and no rainchecks.  Also, please read terms and conditions at

By purchasing, you are agreeing to terms. We will not refund for any reason. The programs work, and you get instant access - except in ultimate bundle which requires us to send multiple emails.  The initial content is in pdf format, withlink to resources page and video training. 

Earnings disclaimer - basically, our numbers are based on our own experiences and that ofour researchers. We have no idea how well you will do. It's statistics. So if you're not willing to put in the time and effort and be consistent,you will fail.  And some will fail simply because the figures we give arebased on our experiences and that of researchers in the past. 

So no, there is no guarantee that you will make anything, regardless of time and effort and/or number of files submitted.