National Surplus Funds Program:

The National Surplus Funds program goes after tax and mortgage overages Nationally.

We will partner. You get the list of overages yourself, research list online for debt against property and ownership (recorder of deeds department aka land records, or often clerk of court website), send in required docs along with title worksheet(copies of downloaded deeds, mortgages, as needed), and we take it from there. You have access to a list of all files we’re working so you won’t duplicate someone else’s work. That list is updated daily, Mon -Fri. We will not take files from WA or OR or DC due to state statutes. We will not take files from FL, because we have specific program for there. Remember – this is a National Program, from home, online – so if you live in one of those 3 states, no big deal, just work another state.

If you want to do this on your own, please understand the steps(this is why most folks start as researchers):

1. Get the list. We teach you how to get both tax and mortgage overage lists.

2. Research the debt against the person and property at the time of the foreclosure and the ownership at time of foreclosure, to determine who is entitled to the funds.

3. Find the claimant – this requires a paid access skiptracing program. Whitepages or Facebook™ will not work well. We do this for our researchers. We pay researchers 8% of the gross retrieval.

4. Contact the claimant(s). We have example mailings on the resources page attached to the ebook. Of course, scripts are included. Again, if you wish to work as a researcher for us, we will do this for you.

5. Strike a deal. To avoid finder laws & profit caps, we use a structured buyout. We typically give 10% upfront to the claimant, and the rest of what we agreed to when we recover the funds. As you can imagine, with us paying them some upfront, we always ‘win’ in the rare instance where we are competing with another firm. Again, we will do this for you if you work as a researcher.

6. Doc’s – Claimant signs power of attorney to an attny, and a custodial & buyout agreement. The attny gets funds in claimant name, uses trust acct to cash checks, when they get them. Of course, if you are a researcher for us, we handle this for you.

7. Double check title work, having attny hire paralegal – in many courts, it’s required by court to have this to motion court for overages. When they give you the thumbs up, you pay the initial payment to claimant and have attorney get on docket to motion. We handle this for our researchers.

8. Attny gets motion granted. Court generally pays out, after grants motion, in 4-8 wks. We handle this for researchers. Folks online telling you that you will get paid in a few days are lying to you.

9. Get the check and deposit it using the custodial agreement (again, most of you will not be able to do this), or have the attorney break it out in their trust account if they will do that for you. We do this for our researchers. Rinse, repeat.


National Deed Flip:

This teaches you to research pre-tax auctions and profit. We partner! If you work as researcher, you research debt & ownership. We find owners, put deal together, buy them out, pay off existing debt to stop auction, and pay 15% of net – ave is $30K net, so ave pay to you is $4,500. You don’t go to courthouse. We will work every state, but Florida has its own specific tax deed sale program (Florida deed flip). We won’t take files where it’s a Florida pre-tax deed sale.

You can work this program by yourself, or with us. The steps in this program are:

a. Identify property coming up for sale for taxes or a mortgage foreclosure, within debt to value limits (we wouldn’t buy house worth $100K with $150K in debt, for instance). You research the debt – mortgages and liens against property and judgments against the owner(s).

b. If you want to work with us, you send in docs we ask for and fill in the title worksheet we provide, filled out correctly. For Researchers sending in files - We find them, put deal together, get deed signed, pay off foreclosing debt, hire realtor, record deed. We pay you when we get paid – 15% of net.

OR – If you want to work this program on your own, you research the debt, find owner, negotiate to buy deed, get deed signed with notary, record deed at county, pay off the debt to stop foreclosure, resell the property.


National Redemption:

This is completely new! No one is doing this! In those states that have a post sale redemption (a time period where the owner who lost the property at tax sale can come back later and pay off the debt and own it – about 20 States), this program shows you how to contact the past owner, negotiate to redeem the property for them, then redeem it, get ownership, and flip it – for Massive profit. If you would like to partner on this, you can get paid 15 or 30%. 15% if you just research and debt prior to the sale, 30% if you also call ex-owner and see if they are willing to talk about ‘selling their redemption rights’. We don’t actually buy their rights. We get a contract in force as well as a quit claim deed, and we redeem it. We will put the deal together, pay off the debt that is foreclosing, pay the owner, redeem it, flip it and pay you!


Game Changer:

It’s Baaaaack! This program is for pre-mortgage and HOA foreclosure, to work Florida, NC, Ohio. If/when we find additional States that you can work, we will add that in. It is National, from home, online. This program requires you have a RealtyTrac™ subscription. As a result, it is listed for less money to help you defray the difference of that expense. We will also bundle this with National Surplus Funds, National Deed Flip, and/or national Redemption.


Hybrid Program:

This is a unique way to recover funds created from mortgage overages, tax overages, and estate files. You have to get a list – we tell you how. You run your list through pacer.gov to see if the person went into bankruptcy. A good rule of thumb is if they went into bankruptcy 2 yrs prior to, or 2 yrs after, the funds were created. If they did, the bankruptcy ct has priority claim to funds. The bankruptcy ct was not been notified of the funds’ existence because the county generally does not index bankruptcy cases, as they are federal. Because bankruptcy court has priority claim, they can make a claim against the money without having to be priority in line for the funds. They pay 25% just for info. You don’t have to find claimant

There are 9000+ lists that can be worked & the opportunity is ‘wide open’. There are so many lists because you can work multiple lists per county - mort overages, tax overages, unclaimed funds, refunds, etc.


Bankruptcy Goldmine aka BK Goldmine:

Not to be confused with Hybrid, this teaches you to go after funds the bankruptcy(bk) court is holding. When the bk courts sells off assets to satisfy creditors, the $ is disbursed by the bk court to the creditors. However, if the address for the creditor is wrong, the bk court gets check back and puts it in their unclaimed funds acct. There is no finder cap. Also, you are not finding claimants – you’re finding creditors. Easy to find them.

We have the creditor assign the debt they are owed – not the money in the court – to you. We have a special form for that. Since bk surprises everyone including creditors, there’s usually no judgment to assign. So they are assigning debt. Now, you record that assignment in any court of law. You are now the creditor, and you claim the funds in your own name, from the bankruptcy court. We do not partner on this.


 Elite with Inner Circle:

The Elite program goes more in depth on:

- Database management - you get a screen shot of our setup in ACT and explanation of how to handle

- Staffing if you want to scale up

- Negotiations with claimants

- Selling properties for deed flip

- Attorney negotiation and introduction, for the products- how best to approach

- Time management

- The 'Why' - why we have the rules we do, in place, with stories of real experiences for understanding (enlightening, and, entertaining)

- Advanced skip tracing

- More indepth research information

…..and much, much more

Buyers also get access to our Inner Circle system that has monthly deal overviews, quarterly private member only in depth webinars and will archive info as well - free for life, included!! 

 **Guys - the elite program is an upgrade to existing programs.






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TERMS OF SALE: We often get folks who 'just missed' the sale.  There are no excuses and no rainchecks.  Also, please read terms and conditions at

By purchasing, you are agreeing to terms. We will not refund for any reason. The programs work, and you get instant access - except in ultimate bundle which requires us to send multiple emails.  The initial content is in pdf format, withlink to resources page and video training. 

Earnings disclaimer - basically, our numbers are based on our own experiences and that ofour researchers. We have no idea how well you will do. It's statistics. So if you're not willing to put in the time and effort and be consistent,you will fail.  And some will fail simply because the figures we give arebased on our experiences and that of researchers in the past. 

So no, there is no guarantee that you will make anything, regardless of time and effort and/or number of files submitted.